Sunday, October 26, 2008

60 minutes to Love and Light and Darkness Darkness YoungBloods

Article offers explanations as to why ABC, NBC, CBS gave only 3 minutes
prime time coverage to Chechnya in 2006, when an estimated 160,000 have died
or gone missing since the conflict started between Chechnya and Russia.
Chechnya topped the list of the ten most under-reported stories of 2005
compiled by Doctors Without Bor
f anyone thinks 160000 confirmed killed doesn't sound like too much,
consider that the entire population of Chechnya is 1.1 million.

The worlds attention is just completely focussed on Iraq, giving the
Russians completely free hands. They're dealing with Chechnya exactly like
they dealt with Germany at the end of WWII: incredible brutality, e.g.
artillery strikes against residential areas in retaliation for killed
Russian soldiers, and rapes and murders are not only commonplace and
committed with complete impunity, but actually policy:

It's not that the stunning brutality of the Russians in Chechnya is unknown
to the west, it just doesn't get much coverage in western media (and, of
course, none at all in Russian media).
WHAT IS GOING ON? WHY ARE WE FORGETTING ? Because the news forgets to tell
the American people the truth about it all.. Love will find a way to calm
the waters sooner than soon my friends TBA..No more tears we are done crying
DAYBREAK WAS MY BROTHERS BAND "1969"revisited Rip Reynolds known as Rip Van winkle
was my[ junior high school Bus driver] Glass blower C.E.O. patented NEW FUSION!!! methodology to create and Market his product for a new way to do Stained glass..
A new way of GLASS blowing "RIP" my forever friend Rocks in "DIAMOND BACK BAND".
PORTLAND OREGON ROSES ON PARADE..// Free Souls are doing a good job.. IN getting TOYS for all the low income children who are homeless.. OUR COLLECTIVE VOICE IS SHINING! Marge Williamson "FOOD FOR LANE COUNTY" Volunteer advocate Very Lovely lady works day and night too make our collective voice work all over the world!
In Cress well promoting Literacy at the (Library) Creating MAGIC!! with grants and support from the federal government to promote wellbeing of people in need to learn the English language. Many thanks to all the volunteers that make our world a better place. Marge Williamson is a Bright Soul that can move mountains her husband ;Robert Williamson an "Eye" doctor for many years on the Eugene Mall before the mall was built? "Cindy Wooten"Original owner and operator of "ODYSSEY" Coffee shop ;when I wrote poetry and sang with my guitar over my shoulder and always a Skip and a jump in my step; from Roosevelt Junior High School
I went to the coffee shop everyday (after school) to learn what was going on with all the good people of Eugene and to hang out with all the "MUSIC MEN" of our fair city. TOMMY SMITH and GREG, played at the fund raiser for "LOOKING GLASS" that I coordinated as event organizer// to get funding for the homeless shelter for runaways in 1972.// SUNNY KING may he rest in peace died of cancer early 1970's BLUES ARTIST// others that have made a great difference in this town:
Robert and Marge Williamson are the best of the best in our city. And still unwavering volunteer efforts to make Oregon a trend setter in becoming the best place to live and breath in the Emerald valley and to make dreams of the
Also a thank you goes out to "James Fox' (U.of O. professor)and Mia Fox [Japanese teacher] who lost her son *** {MANI SHIMADA} 2003 to meningitis, a fretful day in 2003 in September right after school had started to bring the new year, Our 'collective' Son died; and to this we remember with creation of a scholarship geared for the "High risk Children" to obtain a High School education** "QUAKERS ALTERNATIVE HIGH SCHOOL" many thanks too all the ELDERS of the Church that made this dream happen to help all children that feel like 'MISFITS' in the public school system. All children!!! No matter what need, to be wanted and loved to this; I bow humbly to the great efforts on the church of the 'Quakers' At "WELLSPRINGS" ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL they saved my son's life due to the discrimination that happened in 4J school district, I transfered him to a small school house for kids that needed extra attention and to help him to navigate the system to get him the needed training in life skills, to that I am grateful to all who have dreamed the dream of making a difference in our Emerald Valley Thanks goes out to Dennis Horner and all the Elders and founders of the Friends Church.

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I am a person who believes the fragile ecosystems are being destroyed we need alternate energy.. Years ago people understood the using of the land.. the old wisdom from the groups that were here, the Incas the Aztec's the trading routes created for to help give people on earth the needed items, not for a bunch of people too make a bazillion dollars on.. the energy was here for the taking in an natural way, to co-exist with humankind to live to and to let other cultures live and thrive. No one believes that they are to grow up to be a slave to men only a small group of men. Why? what is the normal way? Not to be greedy there is enough to share.. with each other. Quit taking money from people who can't even afford to go to the dentist.. think back on the doctors who traded for eggs a chicken or a cow.. go back to the old days. Think read be happy and content. with living within your own means. ZZ

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I sat on a river bank only to watch a bluebird take flight and chase the white bird and the eagle down to the rivers edge.
as I saw with my eyes the miracle of Gods grace on humankind. quote by ccryderzz

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