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Like much of the myth that is christianity, the story of Moses was
plagerized from earlier myths. This baby in a basket story was lifted
directly from the myth of Sargon of Akkad of around 2250 b.c. Sargon was
born, placed in a reed basket in order to avoid infanticide, and set adrift
in a river. He was in turn rescued and raised by Akki, a royal mid-wife.
Also, the Ten Commandments, they are taken outright from Spell 125 of the
Egyptian Book of the Dead. What the Book of the Dead phrased "I have not
stolen" became "Thou shall not steal," "I have not killed" became "Thou
shall not kill," "I have not told lies" became "Thou shall not bare false
witness" and so forth. In fact, the Egyptian religion is likely the primary
foundational basis for the Judeo-Christian theology. Baptism, afterlife,
final judgment, virgin birth and resurrection, crucifixion, the ark of the
covenant, circumcision, saviors, holy communion, the great flood, Easter,
Christmas, Passover, and many many more, are all attributes of Egyptian
ideas, long predating Christianity and Judaism.

The Pistol fires back: You've done your comparative religion homework. No
doubt world religions draw stories from similar sources. This doesn't make
them any more or less true. Whether or not the events contained in the Bible
are actually factual, does not make them any less true. The story of Moses
reveals the truth about the value of life and the need to protect and
preserve God-given life even when it means disobeying the law of the land.
That, my friend, is no myth.

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I am a person who believes the fragile ecosystems are being destroyed we need alternate energy.. Years ago people understood the using of the land.. the old wisdom from the groups that were here, the Incas the Aztec's the trading routes created for to help give people on earth the needed items, not for a bunch of people too make a bazillion dollars on.. the energy was here for the taking in an natural way, to co-exist with humankind to live to and to let other cultures live and thrive. No one believes that they are to grow up to be a slave to men only a small group of men. Why? what is the normal way? Not to be greedy there is enough to share.. with each other. Quit taking money from people who can't even afford to go to the dentist.. think back on the doctors who traded for eggs a chicken or a cow.. go back to the old days. Think read be happy and content. with living within your own means. ZZ

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I sat on a river bank only to watch a bluebird take flight and chase the white bird and the eagle down to the rivers edge.
as I saw with my eyes the miracle of Gods grace on humankind. quote by ccryderzz

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