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Thursday, October 9, 2008
1933-1934: The Dust Bowl, Gangsters In Pinstripe Suits, Pimping For Hitler,
The Merchants of Death And An All-American Coup
1930s: UNITED STATES. The catastrophe of The Great Depression is compounded
by drought and then massive soil erosion in the midwest. This new disaster
becomes known as the Dust Bowl. Most of the affected area usually averages
about twenty inches of rain per year, barely enough to sustain agriculture.
But, in the early thirties, rainfall drops by almost a third. Crop yields
fall by up to seventy five percent and, since the price of most farm
commodities has fallen as a result of the depression, net farm income is
reduced to almost nothing.

Prior to the genocide of native Americans in the nineteenth century, the
Great Plains were grassland. When put to the plough, they were subject to
massive wind erosion in years with lower rainfall. The droughts of the
thirties, combined with high winds, result in vast dust storms which tear
millions of tons of topsoil from farmland and blow it for miles across the
plains. In May, 1934, a two day-long dust storm drops midwest topsoil over
Chicago where it falls like snow. Two days later, the airborne soil reaches
Buffalo, Boston, New York City and Washington.

In all, the Dust Bowl affects about one hundred million acres of land,
largely in the Texas panhandle, Oklahoma and parts of New Mexico, Colorado
and Kansas. Millions of acres of farmland are made useless. The dust storms
destroy homes and farm buildings, bury machinery and cause death by "dust
pneumonia". By 1940, as many as two and half million people have moved out
of the midwest, leaving behind homes and farms which have taken generations
to build up.

The "Okies", as they known, go on the road, looking for jobs and food in a
country ravaged by the Great Depression. Many head for California where they
are often abused and exploited, working for starvation wages and living in
appalling squalor.

But for some, the Dust Bowl, like the Depression itself, is not a disaster
at all but just another business opportunity. Banks and other lenders are
only too happy to foreclose on starving farmers. The Dust Bowl provides the
perfect opportunity for large scale, mechanized, industial agriculture to
displace the family farm in the midwest.

1933: UNITED STATES/GERMANY. Immediately on Hitler achieving power in
Germany, an agreement to coordinate all trade between Nazi Germany and the
United States is reached in Berlin between Hitler's Economics Minister,
Hjalmar Schacht, and Rockefeller cousin and proxy John Foster Dulles who
acts as shyster for dozens of Nazi enterprises. The Harriman family's
Harriman International Company forms a syndicate of some one hundred and
fifty corporations under the leadership of Averell Harriman's cousin Oliver
to conduct all exports from Germany to the United States.

1933: UNITED STATES/GERMANY. International Telephone and Telegraph's head,
Sosthenes Behn, travels to Germany to congratulate Hitler personally on his
ascent to power. Soon, Nazis are on the IT&T board and the company begins
gearing up to provide communications systems, bomb parts and other vital war
materials for the planned Nazi conquest of Europe and the Soviet Union.

1933-ongoing: UNITED STATES. John D. Rockefeller, whose fortune was largely
based on bootlegging during the Civil War, was instrumental in bringing
about Prohibition in the U.S. which had the side effect, purely unintended
of course, of destroying renewable alcohol fuels (ethanol) as a competitor
to Rockefeller's oil.

Now that old John D. and the boys have decided that booze ain't such a bad
thing after all, and some nice bootlegging fortunes such as the Kennedy
family's have been made, it's time to repeal Prohibition. But first we've
got to make sure that ethanol, based on renewable resources and produced by
large numbers of small producers, does not become a competitive threat to

The oil barons form an emergency committee to counter the threat to their
monopoly. The Sun Oil Company (Sunoco) and others pay American radio
stations to run propaganda denigrating alcohol fuel. The paid propaganda
pieces are broadcast to an unwitting American public as news items.

1933: UNITED STATES. For a year, a commission established by the U.S. Senate
Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs has supposedly been
investigating the causes of the Wall Street Crash. Initially, the
investigation" is little more than a whitewash. The first two commission
counsels are fired and the third resigns in protest because there is no
power to subpoena witnesses, which makes the whole exercise a bit of a
farce. But things take a remarkable turn when a remarkable man, New York
City prosecutor, Ferdinand J. Pecora, accepts the position of Chief Counsel
to the commission.

In February, Pecora begins a real investigation of what Franklin Roosevelt
called "the ruthless manipulation of professional gamblers and the corporate
system" which caused the Great Crash of 1929 and led to the Depression.

By the time Pecora begins calling the boys in the back room to account,
forty percent of all U.S. banks have gone belly up taking the savings of
nine million Americans with them. Millions of Americans have lost everything
on stock market and "investment" scams. Homes, farms and businesses are
being repossessed by the thousands. Seventeen million Americans are
unemployed. And, through it all, through all the misery and hunger and
despair, some people, already unimaginably wealthy, are getting richer and

As the hearings unfold, America's leading financiers and industrialists, the
"cream" of American society, the ruling class, are shown to have engaged,
yet again, in an almost endless series of ruthless conspiracies against the
people of the United States.

Charles Mitchell, President and Chairman of the Board of the Rockefellers'
National City Bank (Citicorp) and a director of the American branch of the
Nazi cartel, IG Farben, is the first Wall Street tycoon called to testify
and his grilling by the courageous Pecora sets the tone for the rest of the

Pecora uncovers the fact that National City Bank is really little more than
an enormous criminal conspiracy dedicated to swindling small investors out
of their savings. For years, the bank has been, via a subsidiary, the
world's leading shill for what, in the biz, are called "securities", a
direct violation of U.S. law which forbids banks to trade in "securities".

Mitchell tells the Committee that he "did not see it as a problem." Of
course for National City Bank, it wasn't a problem. His very good friend,
Andrew Mellon of Gulf Oil, Mellon Bank and Alcoa had been essentially
running the country for the benefit of the ruling class via the presidencies
of Harding, Coolidge and Hoover since 1921.

Mitchell is forced to admit to evading his personal income tax by way of
imaginary interest payments on an imaginary loan of $2,800,000 from the
National City Company. Mitchell was receiving about one and a half million
dollars a year a time when the average industrial wage in the U.S. was about
fifty cents an hour.

Mitchell is forced to confess that a series of unsecured and unpaid loans
for millions of dollars was made to National City insiders to cover their
stock market losses. The beneficiaries of this theft from the bank's small
stockholders include Percy Rockefeller and Mitchell himself. Mitchell admits
to conspiring with the U.S. puppet dictator of Cuba, Gerardo "The Butcher"
Machado, to dump $31 million worth of useless Cuban sugar loans on the
unsuspecting small stockholders of a National City affiliate.

Pecora uncovers the fact that, in 1927 and 1928, National City Bank dumped
$90 million of worthless Peruvian government bonds on customers in the U.S.
Pecora forces to Mitchell to concede that millions of dollars were made on
insider trading and manipulations of Anaconda Copper subsidiaries by
National City Bank insiders including Percy Rockefeller, James Stillman Jr.,
Mitchell himself and Anaconda President John D. Ryan. The bank and Anaconda
conspired to defraud the public through massive manipulation of Anaconda
stock, fueling a speculative mania which pushed the stock to record highs
far beyond its true value.

Mitchell is forced to confess to a series of National City/Anaconda
conspiracies which were the greatest frauds in the history of American
banking up until the time of the hearings. It is revealed that Mitchell,
Rockefeller and Ryan set up a "joint account" of nearly a million and a half
shares of Anaconda stock, at no cost to themselves, which was repackaged and
aggressively marketed to the public through a National City affiliate. The
"joint account" was manipulated by Mitchell and Ryan who ran the share price
up, from $40 in December 1928, to $128 in March of 1929. The trio then
dumped their stock. This single scam netted Mitchell, Rockefeller and Ryan
at least $150 million. By the time of hearings, Anaconda stock had collapsed
to $4 a share.

Scheduled to follow Mitchell for a further uncovering of the
Rockefeller-Mitchell-Ryan conspiracies is National City Bank director and
Anaconda Copper chairman John D. Ryan. Conveniently, Ryan dies under
mysterious circumstances three days before the hearings are scheduled to
start and takes his secrets to the grave.

Percy Rockefeller, although apparently not too ill to engage in vast
criminal conspiracies with Mitchell and Ryan, is allegedly "too ill" to
appear before the Committee to answer Pecora's questions.

When asked by Pecora if he paid any income tax in 1930, J.P. Morgan Jr.
replies, "I cannot remember." Neither could Morgan remember if he had paid
any income tax in 1931 or 1932. In fact, of course, he had paid not one red
cent. Question after question was answered with "I cannot remember." Pecora
reveals that all of the Morgan family and their partners in their vast
financial empire had paid a total of only $5000 in income taxes in the
previous five years on hundreds of millions of dollars of income. And, it
was all thanks to Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon who had crafted U.S.
income tax law so that the very wealthy, himself notably included, seldom
paid any taxes at all.

During the Pecora Hearings, the financial gangsters who had brought ruin to
so many came to be known as "banksters". One of the slickest banksters to be
summoned before the hearings was Clarence Dillon (nee Lapowski) of the
"financial house" of Dillon, Read, by the time of the hearings heavily
involved in financing the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in Germany.

Nazi public relations specialist Ivy Lee is hired to "prepare" Dillon for
his appearance before the Committee. Among Lee's other esteemed clients are
Nazi fuel supplier, William Farish of Standard Oil and the Rockefellers'
partner in crimes against humanity, IG Farben.

Clarence Dillon and his son C. Douglas had been directors of United States
and International Securities, a massive speculative pyramid scam which
swindled Americans out of hundreds of millions of dollars. Miraculously,
Dillon, Read insiders cashed in their chips just before the Crash, walking
away with $6,844,000 for stock which had cost them $24,110, a return of
28,000%. Ain't "free enterprise" wonderful?

Pecora uncovers the fact that Albert Wiggin, Chairman of the Board of the
Rockefellers' Chase National Bank, had surreptitiously sold short 42,000
shares of Chase stock just prior to the Crash through a series of front
companies. Other senior executives did the same thing, driving stock prices
down and then making millions as share prices collapsed.

It goes without saying that no one named Rockefeller, Mitchell, Morgan,
Wiggins, Dillon or even Lapowski ever goes to jail for their crimes and the
pinstriped gangsters unmasked by Pecora were no exception. Only a single
minion of the ruling class, Richard Whitney, a long time associate of the
Morgans and president of the New York Stock Exchange funny how that works its all Greek to me?(GEEKY STUFF FOR SLACKERS)

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