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My Ovation GUITAR 'Hope' on the inner side Stolen 1978

As an innocent child here in Eugene I regret that I wanted to be a Rock Star, I had no professional training but had an ear for Music. Any kind of song. In 3rd grade I sang at the Talent show in Paradise elementary school Mrs Winklbecker?
At Whitaker elementary school.. I sang to my friends "Where have all the flowers gone" In Spring Creek elementary school I sang to my hearts content. I sang, I believed, I dreamed, I walked the talk of becoming a Star someday.
Years later I was there in front of a crowd at a Club at a talent show in Alaska. I had a back up Band in E-Minor I sang. A man walked up too me
after I had placed 2nd in the talent show.
His name was Bill Pinkney a talent Scout, he said.. I was not impressed at first for I did not recognize him. But when I went to his office the next day.. Stacks and stacks of Music layouts were on the floor.. and he produced a photo album with Red Fox and the original Drifters were
sponsored by him on tour. He said would you like to be a star? He told me that I was in need of voice lessons and loose some weight. Little did I know I was pregnant with my first born child.
A situation that I had to come back to Oregon was brewing in the North. Bill gave me a singed autographed Photo and I was on a plane back to home. It was nice to have someone Believe in me to be a true Star and so I took My prized Guitar " An Ovation Round back On the inside of the guitar was the name "HOPE" in black letters ( My brother had painted the inside to protect the ownership of this special friend of mine..) I went to Salem to my foster moms and had no where to stay.. so I came back to Eugene with the only thing that mattered to me, My guitar a Christmas present from my late father and brother. The guitar is still here in Eugene
and the insides have been painted over. I want it back. It is mine. My town, my love of music
My dreams destroyed due to the wants of others to make me quiet on my belief of the "Bill of Rights" And Civil Rights, and common decency which seems to be slacking in Eugene Oregon.
I went to the E.R. in Salem Oregon only to find My blood had killed the Rabbit. (They used too test that way to find out if your pregnant) I was getting my life together and I had found a house with roommates of who I thought were professionals. I was attending classes moving on with my life. The only problem here was that a mistake had been made in the paperwork of the municipality from an attorney in Salem and the Lies of a doctor here in Eugene which destroyed any chance to make it as a Star.. That sad day in November 1978 it was cold. One evening the roommate came to me and said we were evicted. I had given him all my money I was three months pregnant. I also had a warrant for my arrest on a Minor in possession which I had failed to show up for court because I was in a hospital after having a nervous break down when I was 17 years old.. My Dark history that I was trying to forget. You see I took ONE DRINK of a beer..
I don't even like the taste of Beer. My mouth was dry and the driver said to me HOlD this, for you can't get into trouble you are under age.. Oh if I only knew then what I know Now?
Due to the idiots that do paperwork at the courts? I was attacked by this man who took my money. I was bruised on my right forearm Three fingerprints when he shoved me to the ground
when I asked for my money back. So I called E.P.D. boy that was the biggest mistake I had made in my life.. They refused to listen to My pleas to arrest the man who assaulted me. It is all on record.. lost in the archives of the labyrinth's Web of DECEIT AND LIARS.. of this fair city.
"WHEN YOU CHOOSE TO DECEIVE ? WHAT WEBS YOU WEAVE" Ole day I knew I would have JUSTICE. Truth about the story of the Star that never became a star.. because some well paid city employee for got to File the paperwork of an attorney in Salem.. right about the time the BRUNO killings happened ? Yipes I was thrown into a car and hauled away because of a TYPO?? get real people.. 40 years later I want my Christmas Present back! It is My OVATION
the last Christmas present from My father before he died of a stroke.. I want my life back.
They were rude and mean, I did not know why I was going to jail. I went to my knees pregnant and the willful intent of the E.P.D. was to hurt me, I had never been treated this way. They are responsible for the OVATION<> THIEVES.. Jerks .. To this I know I was thrown into the BROKEN SYSTEM.
It was cold There was a hole in the window I was freezing and cold, I had insisted on being transfered to Maximum holding for the MINOR IN POSSESSION.. Three days I spent in jail for a charge that an attorney in Salem on Center street had told me that he had taken care of this years before ( HE LIED) (THEY STOLE MY CHRISTMAS PRESENT FROM MY FATHER)
MY Music died inside of me. The ripped my soul to shreds.. I was in agony, I was in pain.
I could not believe I was being treated as a common criminal. My 1000.dollar guitar? Why the cops refused to take my personal possessions with me to jail is beyond belief? Not really they seems to have gotten away with ripping people off a lot as of late. The tazer incident of May 30th
2008? A peaceful protest ? OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO BE HEARD?
TO be told to grow up my a deputy sheriff when I was having an asthma attack?
A rose by any other name is still a rose? Not really when the people who are to serve and protect
are standing laughing at you when you have no toilet paper? Yes our fair honest lovely city>
So the rest of my battle of life in Oregon was to have my beautiful little girl. Apparently that did not happen.. after jail I left town.. the roommates barfed in a bag and set it on my relatives porch. I was assaulted.. I have proof.. SO what you are nothing rings the words of the E.P.D. you are nothing you are no body in this world.. So remember when you try and be stupid and take a beer from the driver of a 1957 Chevy? Make sure the attorney is not an idiot, and make sure that the municipality has people who really know how to do data entry? DUE TO THE SCREW UPS IN THIS TOWN>> MY LIFE WAS TAKEN FROM ME.. On top of my guitar..
My future in music? Not for me I was from the other side of the tracks? I played at the talent show "FOR WHAT IT IS WORTH" BOB DYLAN WROTE THIS SONG..
Of course he too could have been in the audience.. I met him a few years later and tied his shoelace.. funny how that works.. a stripper yes.. I danced to loose weight.. a battle for the stars?
A battle for my life I started 40 long years ago.. You don't have to be a star in my show.. just bear with me.. As I said a social worker in Salem decided to ramp on me, I had my daughter
I had the whole state of Oregon against me. they threatened to close my foster mom's home down.. they threatened to take my baby as me being an unfit mother. they attacked me at every chance they got. To date a friend Doctor ACHAR helped me to give my baby up for adoption.
closed.. i never knew if she was dead or alive for 22 long years I cried each April.. i cried I died in my soul my life was destroyed because of a typo, and a willingness to not follow through on paperwork. They neglected to realize that one day a person like myself may STAND UP FOR TRUTH IN THE MUSIC OF LIFE>> TO STATE MY CASE BEFORE THE SUPREME COURT OF THE ATROCITIES OF MANS DECEITFUL NATURE.. Truth? Why did I lose my baby?
I was wrongfully accused.Of battering my child's nose ( THE BIRTH CANAL BRUISED HER IN BIRTH) and in Romeo and Juliet as days of the future past>> We all are PUNISHED For allowing THESE SINS. For life my life was taken from me at SEVENTEEN. As Fleet wood MAC
my artist friends said "She was just 17" and the teenage wasteland continues. The Saga of my life
I have been forced to endure for the Pawn that I was in a game of How to destroy a Star.
she came from the wrong side of the tracks and she can't play with us anymore, we will beat her to the ground, we will step on here with all our mightiness of money greed and power..
So ironic so simple to understand.. The LAW? what a joke.. hangman STIX? The long arm of the law? A freind of mine said be quiet I will have my turn for Justice.. All I want is my guitar back. My daughter came back at age 23 years old.. she couldn't find me on the net //My age had been changed to promote the "LIE" to promote the Deceit in this town? We are all punished: to allow this to happen to a MUSIC WOMAN (from 3rd grade wanted to be a shining star}, I have paid my dues.. I have read the writing on the wall.. I have my wings do you? can you stand and follow me
to SAVE OUR CITY? My circle of friends? Will the CIRCLE BE UNBROKEN? Sing with me the song of Justice. sing with me the song of the downtrodden, sing to me.. SING with me, fight the good fight of truth.. for someday 40 years later someone may ask for the guitar that was stolen from me to be returned?
The talent scout from my past..
PINKNEY was his name.. may he rest in Peace, and thank you for believing in me I wish I could have gone with you to be the singer I always wanted to be. but my town prevented me from being a star. they took my voice:my song; my Love: My first born daughter: they took my life because of a typo and a disregard for Human rights and Justice.. because THEY COULD for the sick pleasure of the destruction of a teenagers DREAM.. I had a DREAM someone said.
June 2, 2007: Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons has handed a major victory to
"truth in music" proponents by signing into law a bill that prohibits oldies
acts from performing as the original group unless they contain at least one
original member. While that doesn't exactly remove all wiggle room, it does
strike a blow for the cause in a state where Las Vegas casinos make up a
huge share of the oldies tour market. Sonny Turner of the Platters was on
hand to witness the signing, as was Maxine Porter, manager for the Drifters'
Bill Pinkney. Porter stated that the movement's goal was to have 20 states
with such legislation by the end of the year, meaning eight more bills would
be passed in that time.
NOTE: When I worked with GARY BOCHENSKI // Judy Bochenski's Brother My first boyfriend? At 14 years old? He worked in the mail room in Salem I helped sort the massive paperwork in the STATE CAPITOL ALL VOLUNTEER WORK after Judy's return from China when Nixion had water gate.. and opened up the trade route to China.. GARY has passed on May he rest in peace knowing I took the torch of truth to tell the world about our young love //
Yes it was wrong for a 22 yr old to have a relationship with me.m Due to my sexual abuse at a young age very young I was attacked by a man in Paradise California at 5 years old. So I was active sexually at a very young age. Besides an older man who had YALE in his resume' was o.k. in my book.. Judy is still a home town Hero She was here in the beginning and yes I still smoke those Strawberry cigars.. I still watch this town fall to pieces because no one has gathered all the souls too reunite for Truth and Justice.. tell your story.. and hold fast "In the wink of an eye'
Things will change for the better.. its time to stand U+Knighted against Evil. and the deception of life's lessons learned at such a cost of my life.. I give thanks to all my friends to stand up. And to hold close your friends from your childhood. BoB DYLAN Is My home town HERO! and so Is ROBIN Williams... tis the season for justice. and revenge not mine.. to all who have suffered. to all who have been in the Saga of my life.. I sing the Blues.. and the Blues shall set you free..ZZ

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ccRyderzz on the move. ghost said...

Thats all folks... Hey anyone got a spare donation? maybe a spare Ovation guitar? Turn around turn around turn around someone is watching and someone hears the voice crying from the wilderness, crying for justice, crying to reunite her soul with the first love of her life, Someone is Crying LORD someone is Crying help this woman help this town we are all here. we are crying we are weeping we are who we are.. At last the miles and miles of road we traveled
and we fell only to have the Heart bring you back to stand on your own feet. My sea legs are weary can I have shelter from the Storm? Wild Horses who will ride? where is the Magic where the heck is Merlin he dropped his Staff in the black hole\in Space.. And I am on the other side of the Sun..EXIT STAGE LEFT.. Truth be told its been a long strange trip. Once again I fall into the loving hands of my protector.. My knight in shining Armor. protect me from the cold, protect me from my enemies, protect me for I am done My story is told..
and for the sadness. I no longer cry out. For the heart is here for me to lean on.. LEAN ON ME OTIS REDDING.. SOME PEOPLE IS MY SONG I WROTE AT 16 years old.. ZZ

its all o.k. ed ucation ciatation

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