Monday, October 20, 2008

Pearl jam kicked me to the curb (9politics)

Oh well I was blogging on the MOVING TRAIN but it got derailed Oh well life goes on zz


ccRyderzz on the move. ghost said...

One was an old-old story, probably happened before the turn of the century,
in the 1800's that is. It was about a man "up the hill" who came put one
night to find someone stealing his horses. When asked what he did about it,
he just shrugged his shoulders and said "he shouldn't have". A "few" years
ago, the lady who lives across the street from his place was building a
fence when the man digging the holes came running up, all out of breath,
saying "There's a man in that hole, there's a man in that hole". Sure enough
they pulled a skull from the hole, took it to Tarleton to be tested and it
was a man's skull. Guess he shouldn't have. Back in those days you didn't
call the police. They were few and far between and you didn't have a phone
to call with any way. People just handled justice they way they saw fit.

ccRyderzz on the move. ghost said...

America has been something
of a divided personality,
tragically divided
against herself.
On the one hand
we have proudly professed
the great principles
of democracy,
but on the other hand
we have sadly practiced
the very opposite
of these principles.

Martin Luther King

ccRyderzz on the move. ghost said...

I recently had an interview with a local priest, Father Nektarios Serfes,
who is very learned about and devoted to the subject of the Imperial Family.
He has told me many great stories about the grand duchess and her family
life. One comment he made I particularly remember. It was in regards to the
girls sewing jewels into their corsets. Alexandra had told them to "take
care of their friends" in case they were forced to move from one
imprisonment to another. This turned out to be the case in the early morning
of July 17. Father Serfes also told me of the deep love the family had for
one another and for God. He, as well as many other Orthodox Christians,
believes the Romanovs were martyred the night they were slaughtered in
Ekaterinburg at the Ipatiev House, or "House of Special Purpose" (Brewster

After the murders, rumors started surfacing all through Europe that the
tsarevich and his sister Anastasia had escaped alive. Many people claimed to
be the lost royal children to try to get a part of some fortune that was
stashed away by Nicholas before he abdicated. One of the most famous
Anastasia claimants was Anna Anderson. Interestingly, though, there was
never any proof that such a bank account existed

ccRyderzz on the move. ghost said...

Quote from R.F.K.

It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man(Or woman) Stands Up for an Ideal, or Acts to Improve the Lot of Others, or Strikes out Against Injustice, he Sends Forth a Tiny Ripple of Hope.”
By the way: we follow the sunshine!
cc: Spider man said this??//??
Or a big ROCK?? U+knighted we stand.

its all o.k. ed ucation ciatation

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