Monday, October 20, 2008

ping pong diplomacy NIXION"S WATER?

Ping Pong Diplomacy
In April 1971, in the middle of the Cold War, the table tennis World
Championships were held in Nagoya, Japan . When American table tennis player
Glenn Cowan missed
his team bus after a training session, he accepted an invitation to hitch a
ride with the Chinese team. Cowan bonded with Chinese hero Zhuan Zedong and
the pair exchanged
gifts - when the media got wind of the encounter there was pandemonium.
After years of hostility between Communist China and America , suddenly
there was an unlikely
opportunity for a thaw in the Cold War. Mao and the Chinese government
invited the American table tennis team to visit the country, leading to an
unprecedented tour - on
April 12th 1971 the US team became the first Americans to visit China since
Mao's communist party had come to power, 22 years earlier. The success of
the American
trip laid the foundations for President Richard Nixon's historic visit the
following year.

Table Tennis Today
Competitive table tennis today is struggling as a spectator sport. The
development of 'speed glue' - a layer of adhesive that gives the bat a
propulsive quality - means that
games are played at lightning speed and rallies last just seconds. Sweden 's
Jan Ove Waldner emerged in the late 80's as one of the few European players
who could defeat
the Chinese, claiming several World titles, and is widely hailed as one of
the best players of all time. But the soul of the sport is at stake in the
ongoing battle between art
and science...

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In 1926, the Russian Museum opened a Department of Modern Art, embracing all
twentieth-century movements and associations. The curators were particularly
interested in the members of such groups as the Jack of Diamonds, Blue Rose
and the Union of Youth. Many canvases were acquired directly from the
artists. The Russian Museum inherited over three-hundred canvases -- works
by Wassily Kandinsky, Pyotr Konchalovsky, Pyotr Kuznetsov, Kazimir Malevich,
Vladimir Tatlin, Robert Falk, Pavel Filonov and Marc Chagall -- when the
Institute of Artistic Culture was closed down in 1926. Works by Natalia
Goncharova and Aristarkh Lentulov were transferred from the Tretyakov
Gallery in Moscow.

The collection of the painting of the second half of the nineteenth and
early twentieth centuries continued to grow in the 1930s. Ilya Repin's
Centennial Sitting of the State Council was acquired from the Museum of the
Revolution. The Tretyakov Gallery donated a number of canvases by masters
not fully represented in the Russian Museum, including Vasily Perov's Lonely
Guitarist and Portrait of Ivan Turgenev, Nikolai Nevrev's Self-Portrait,
Mikhail Vrubel's Flying Demon and Philipp Malyavin's Peasant Women. The
Department of Modern Art attempted to reflect the contemporary art process,
exhibiting the achievements of Soviet art. In 1932, the Russian Museum held
an anniversary exhibition entitled Artists of the RSFSR Over Fifteen Years.
More than two thousand works by over three hundred artists were shown in
thirty-five rooms. The museum acquired many paintings directly from the

The Russian Museum continued to collect works by both contemporary masters
and artists who had begun their careers before the revolution. The museum
acquired Isaac Brodsky's Parade, Fyodor Bogorodsky's Homeless Waifs,
landscapes and portraits by Sergei Gerasimov and canvases by Kuzma
Petrov-Vodkin and Alexander Samokhvalov. The Department of Modern Art
curated such temporary shows as the First Exhibition of Leningrad Artists
(1935). Several of the exhibits were acquired for the museum collection,
including Arkady Rylov's Lenin in Razliv, Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin Alarm. 1919
and Vasily Kuptsov's Maxim Gorky ANT-20.

One of the most important events in the post-war history of the Russian
Museum was the opening of a permanent exhibition of Soviet art in the Benois
Wing. Such works of the 1940s and 1950s as Alexander Deineka's The Defence
of Sevastopole, the Kukryniksy trio's Nazis Retreating from Novgorod, Sergei
Gerasimov's A Partisan's Mother and Arkady Plastov's A Fascist Flew Past
celebrated the victory over Germany in the Second World War. Some of the
most outstanding works of the 1960s and 1970s were painted by Helium
Korzhev, Victor Ivanov, Pyotr Ossovsky, Pavel Nikonov, Victor Popkov, Yevsei

its all o.k. ed ucation ciatation

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