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The Walls of the fortress come tumbling down ZZ

The wicked have drawn their swords
And strung their bows
To bring low the poor and the needy
And to slaughter honest people
Their swords shall pierce their own hearts
And their bows shall be broken.
--Psalms 31:14, 15
KRASNODAR, Russia -- Thousands of Muslims from a small
ethnic group known as the Meskhetian Turks are fleeing
this Black Sea region for the United States. The
exodus is caused by what human rights groups call a
campaign of persecution sanctioned by local
authorities and spearheaded by the Cossacks, a Russian
militia that fought for the czars and is being

In the past year, just more than 5,000 Meskhetian
Turks have resettled in the United States as refugees,
and 4,400 have approval to immigrate, according to the
U.S. Embassy in Moscow. Another 7,000 have filed
applications that U.S. officials are reviewing.

"I call it soft ethnic cleansing," said Alexander
Ossipov, an analyst at the Institute for Humanities
and Political Studies in Moscow. "The local
authorities decided which ethnic groups were desirable
and which were not. It's government based on a racist

The United States has criticized actions of the
Krasnodar authorities in State Department human rights
reports and at meetings of the 55-country Organization
for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

Russian officials in the south say the Meskhetian
Turks are foreigners who have no right to remain in
Russia. They play down reports of Cossack violence.

In interviews, leaders of the Meskhetian community
expressed dismay that the Russian government has not
curbed the actions of the local authorities and has
said it intends to formalize the role of the Cossacks
as an auxiliary force in law enforcement nationwide.

President Vladimir Putin has proposed a law that would
allow Cossacks to serve in special units in the
military, assist the police and work in border
control, counterterrorism and counter-drug operations.
Political analysts predict the legislation will pass
in the next few months.


{Greek Nómikse sautw^j toûs goneîs è?inai Ðeoús}

THE religious feeling may be traced to the natural veneration of the child
for the parent, joined to an innate belief in the immortality of the soul.
What we know of the primitive religion of Aryans and Polynesians points to
this source. They both venerated the spirits of deceased ancestors,
believing that these spirits took an interest in their living descendants:
moreover, they feared them, and were careful to observe the precepts handed
down by tradition, as having been delivered by them while alive.

The souls of men deified by death were by the Latins called "Lares" or
"Mânes," by the Greeks "Demons" or "Heroes." Their tombs were the temples of
these divinities, and bore the inscription "Dis manibus," "{Greek Ðeoìs
xðóniois};" and before the tomb was an altar for sacrifice. The term used by
the Greeks and Romans to signify the worship of the dead is significant. The
former used the word

{p. 2}

"{Greek patriáksein}" the latter "parentare," showing that the prayers were
addressed to forefathers. "I prevail over my enemies," says the Brahmin, "by
the incantations which my ancestors and my father have handed down to

Similar to this was the common belief of the Maori of Polynesia, and still
exists. A Maori of New Zealand writes thus: "The origin of knowledge of our
native customs was from Tiki (the progenitor of the human race). Tiki taught
laws to regulate work, slaying, man-eating: from him men first learnt to
observe laws for this thing, and for that thing, the rites to be used for
the dead, the invocation for the new-born child, for battle in the field,
for the assault of fortified places, and other invocations very numerous.
Tiki was the first instructor, and from him descended his instructions to
our forefathers, and have abided to the present time. For this reason they
have power. Thus says the song:--

E tama, tapu-nui, tapu-whakaharahara,
He mauri wehewehe na o tupuna,
Na Tiki, na Rangi, na Papa.

O child, very sacred--very, very sacred,
Shrine set apart by your ancestors,
By Tiki, by Rangi, by Papa.

The researches of philologists tend to show that all known languages are
derived from one original parent source. The parent language from which the
Aryan and Polynesian languages are derived must have been spoken at a very
remote time; for no two forms of

[1. La Cité Antique par De Coulange.]
language are now more diverse than these two are. In the Polynesian there is
but the slightest trace of inflexion of words which is a general character
of Aryan languages. The Polynesian language seems to have retained a very
primitive form, remaining fixed and stationary; and this is confirmed by the
fact that the forms of Polynesian language, whether spoken in the Sandwich
Islands or in New Zealand, though their remoteness from each other indicates
a very early separation, differ to so small a degree that they may be
regarded as only different dialects of the same language. The Maori language
is essentially conservative, containing no principle in its structure
facilitating change. The component parts or roots of words are always

When we consider the great remoteness of time at which it is possible that a
connection between Aryans and Polynesians could have existed, we are carried
back to the contemplation of a very primitive condition of the human race.
In the Polynesian family we can still discover traces of this primitive
condition. We can also observe a similarity between the more ancient form of
religious belief and mythological tradition of the Aryans and that still
existing among Polynesians; for which reason we think it allowable to apply
to the interpretation of old Aryan myths the principle we discover to guide
us as to the signification of Polynesian Mythology.

It was a favourite opinion with Christian apologists, Eusebius and others,
that the Pagan deities represented deified men. Others consider them to

{p. 4}

the powers of external nature personified. For others they are, in many
cases, impersonations of human passions and propensities reflected back from
the mind of man. A fourth mode of interpretation would treat them as copies
distorted and depraved of a primitive system of religion given by God to

The writer does not give any opinion as to which of these theories he would
give a preference. If, however, we look at the mythology of Greek and Latin
Aryans from the Maori point of view the explanation of their myths is

This mythology personified and deified the Powers of Nature, and represented
them as the ancestors of all mankind; so these personified Powers of Nature
were worshiped as deified ancestors. There is no authority for any other
supposition. With regard to the two latter theories above referred to it may
be remarked that fiction is always liable to be interpreted in a manner
conformable to the ideas prevailing at any particular time, so that there
would be a natural tendency, in modern times, to apply meanings never
originally thought of to the interpretation of mythology. Man in early days,
ignorant of the causes of natural phenomena, yet having a mind curious to
inquire and trace observed effects to some cause, formulated his conceptions
on imaginary grounds, which, although now manifestly false and absurd, yet
were probably sufficiently credible in the infancy of knowledge.

There is a notable mental condition of the Polynesian

[1. Juventus mundi, p. 203.]

to which we desire to direct attention. The Maori has a very limited notion
of the abstract. All his ideas take naturally a concrete form. This
ineptitude to conceive any abstract notions was, it is believed, the early
mental condition of man. Hence the Powers of Nature were regarded by him as
concrete objects, and were consequently designated as persons. And this
opinion is confirmed by the fact that the researches of comparative
philologists give proof that all words are, in their origin or roots,
expressive of visible and sensuous phenomena,[1] and consequently that all
abstract words are derivable from such roots. The absence, too, of all
abstract and metaphysical ideas from Homer has been noticed by Mr Gladstone
as very remarkable.

I have seen it stated in print that the New Zealander has no sentiment of
gratitude; in proof of which it was mentioned that he has no word in his
language to express gratitude. This is true; but the reason is that
gratitude is an abstract word, and that Maori is deficient in abstract
terms. It is an error to infer that he is ignorant of the sentiment of
gratitude, or that he is unable to express that sentiment in appropriate
arid intelligible words.

The Aryans do not appear to have had any tradition of a Creation. They seem
to have conceived of the Powers of Nature very much in the same way as the

Max Müller, "Science of Language." Farrar, "Chapters on Language," p.
Maori did,--namely, that the mysterious power of Generation was the
operative cause of all things.

Hesiod in his Theogony relates that the first parent of all was Chaos.

From Chaos sprung Gaia (=Earth), Tartarus, Eros (=Love), Erebus, a dark son,
Night, a dark daughter, and lastly, Day.
--Psalms 31:14, 15

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