Saturday, November 8, 2008

Rose Bushes have Thornes Trees give LIFE/AIR

latitude 943...longitude 470...... longitude 2184074.
A very wise old man told me to
Always have your Heart on your Sleeve and
Never Turn your Eyes away from Someone in Need. For every Good Deed is
Punished we are all Punished for the dirty Deeds that is our Legacy to the
society that is real now. No MORE violence.. PEACE on EARTH was the only
treasure found under the stone.
And The one Tin soldier walks away.
A heart so pure that it will melt steel and build a fortress of fame
to the Shame that we all hold.
Justice? FRANCE GAVE US THE STATUE OF LIBERTY!!! shhhh pass it on..
they know the truth..Shhhh
shhhh be quiet as a mouse..

bridegroom bridegroom

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ccRyderzz on the move. ghost said...

some of the fantasy in a script is just that a fantasy.. writing in the cures of the world and the pain and the clean air provided by the Rain forest is what we need too survive.. all people on earth are very important and are willing to have it all.. this mother earth is very beautiful and loving and caring for all her children we have no reason too fear the changes that happen in every game of life Just as Robert frost said we have miles and niles to go on this earth. So put your heads together and pray for the world as a nation. Together to gather all the seeds that are real. To gather all the tomatoes and the oranges and all the almonds and all the olives and the branches
of the tree.. THE OLIVE BRANCH and the fact Olivia played Juliet.. in Romeo and Juliet.. and Tears and Laughter will have a reduced affect of and no more tears will we shed in our world.. alter/// Exit stage left the pink panther ran off with
sherlock Holmes?/?/?/???????YOU decide it is free will in the spring board of Life.. Tip toe through the tulips and Have a good day this is all an illusion

its all o.k. ed ucation ciatation

PAN The horse on the Shawdow


Isalnds afar in my dreams and my rockin roll fantasy

national parks and photo script

Crystal Ship Zorro


Baby panda bear


ccryderzz 1969 reinvested 2008 virginia wolf wildlife protector

I am a person who believes the fragile ecosystems are being destroyed we need alternate energy.. Years ago people understood the using of the land.. the old wisdom from the groups that were here, the Incas the Aztec's the trading routes created for to help give people on earth the needed items, not for a bunch of people too make a bazillion dollars on.. the energy was here for the taking in an natural way, to co-exist with humankind to live to and to let other cultures live and thrive. No one believes that they are to grow up to be a slave to men only a small group of men. Why? what is the normal way? Not to be greedy there is enough to share.. with each other. Quit taking money from people who can't even afford to go to the dentist.. think back on the doctors who traded for eggs a chicken or a cow.. go back to the old days. Think read be happy and content. with living within your own means. ZZ

The blue birds are real

I sat on a river bank only to watch a bluebird take flight and chase the white bird and the eagle down to the rivers edge.
as I saw with my eyes the miracle of Gods grace on humankind. quote by ccryderzz

How many homeless are in Eugene Oregon


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