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Fjords of Norway
I must first correct a geographical error that cruisers might make. Some of the passengers on our ship were very disappointed in Oslo, but only because they had not looked at a map of Norway or done their homework before sailing! If you are on a Baltic cruise that ports only in Oslo, do not expect to see the gorgeous deep fjords carved into the coastline that Norway is so famous for. Those fjords are on the western coast of Norway near Bergen. Many "fjord" cruises only sail the western coastline. If seeing these spectacular fjords is a "must" for you, be sure to check your cruise ship's itinerary to make sure it includes Bergen or other western Norwegian cities. Oslo does sit on the Oslofjord, which extends for about 70 miles from the North Sea to the city of Oslo, Norway.

Oslo is in the southeast corner of the country, and your ship will sail up the 70-mile-long Oslofjord for a few hours to reach Oslo. However, since there are no mountains in the area, the fjord is scenic, but not cragged and deep like in Western Norway. The Oslofjord reminded me of one of the large man-made freshwater lakes home in Georgia. It was relatively narrow, with lots of small islands dotted with cottages. Hills surround the fjord, but they are not cragged or very high.

Touring Oslo
Oslo is a modern city with touches of medieval history. The city is 1000 years old, but has been rebuilt several times because of numerous fires. Oslo was last destroyed by fire in 1824, but some remnants of ancient times remain. The city is full of parks, museums, churches and other beautiful places. It is also heavily forested, making it quite attractive to those of us who love the outdoors. Oslo is very spacious, and its 175 square mile area makes it one of the largest capital cities in the world. Cruise passengers with a day in Oslo can see much of the city on foot or take a city tour. One word of warning--Oslo is one of the most expensive cities in Europe, so if you decide to dine ashore, check the prices first!

When you are touring the city, here are some of the stops that should be included.

* The Holmenkollen Ski Jump towers over the city. The Lookout Tower near Holmenkollen offers beautiful views of Oslo and the surrounding countryside.

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I am a person who believes the fragile ecosystems are being destroyed we need alternate energy.. Years ago people understood the using of the land.. the old wisdom from the groups that were here, the Incas the Aztec's the trading routes created for to help give people on earth the needed items, not for a bunch of people too make a bazillion dollars on.. the energy was here for the taking in an natural way, to co-exist with humankind to live to and to let other cultures live and thrive. No one believes that they are to grow up to be a slave to men only a small group of men. Why? what is the normal way? Not to be greedy there is enough to share.. with each other. Quit taking money from people who can't even afford to go to the dentist.. think back on the doctors who traded for eggs a chicken or a cow.. go back to the old days. Think read be happy and content. with living within your own means. ZZ

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I sat on a river bank only to watch a bluebird take flight and chase the white bird and the eagle down to the rivers edge.
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