Sunday, July 12, 2009

JULY 12th 2009 A Wise Man said Failure is No Option

Hi folks, Its been a long strange trip in my life I wonder why I stand up when the chips are down and all seems lost.. I guess watching Kirk on star trek helped Never give up the fight for truth and justice.
Stand your ground take up your pen ( it is mighter than the sword)
Calling on all the angels of the world too stand up for your rights to have fun and have contentment in the Mayhemand the chaos..We have too be free we have freedom that our fathers have shed their blood from the civil wars to the world wars that took our fathers and our brothers. In vietnam 58,000 died for our freedoms our brothers that stand on the street corners asking for food? We live in America it is time for the honest caring loving people of this Country sto stand your ground.. Believe in the power// God is my back-up and Truth... No one wants too see the truth ) It hurts too much of how we treat our elderly and poor... We are judged as a country to how we Take care of our families... The Piper has her flute in full trumpet Sounding out the Call for justice and Peace all over the world. All who care join me too take back the peace and love we once had. Am I alone here in the wilderness? am I alone? do I stand alone? To the age of Joan of Ark to the age of Magic and Love.. Good always wins and we my friends have no time anymore to stand for our children and our survival of our earth Gods tears are falling with the rain and he reaches to every soul on earth The winds are blowing with the seeds of TRUTH dig deep down with your strength of conviction to let the answer grab your soul ELI is coming sooner than soon as a thief in the night .. God had a good sense of humor my friends he knows your heart and soul..kindof goes with the ominsense stuff? He never left.. Just wants our children to have PEACE ON EARTH and to save the Air and the animals of the Forrest and put back into Balance with a Song in our hearts we walk already on the streets of Gold.
Calling all angels for freedom too live and love our neighbors and give this a chance to work Time is on our side? Or maybe not God only knows? In his time in his works in his gift of song.. Debbie HOPE

Saturday, July 11, 2009


God has a plan for me I am just not sure how on eartth I could get this done it seems like real life always gets in the way. when You care about the world and care about the people anywhere anytime. Your kindness is taken as a weakness. and it hurts to see the world in such a Mess if we pull together and unite all of the NICE PEOPLE Maybe there may be Hope left on this earth. In america the Bill of Rights has gone out the window, we have the right to a roof over our heads we have the right to say it is o.k to breath fresh air. We have the right to stop fighting and just go fishing and let the world go by, Hopefully people will understand that a circle of friends is more powerful with a Pen than anything under the sun.. Have a great day and enjoy the magic of the Angels.. Deb HOPE.. Oregon grown.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Well folks once again I have done the right thing by a person who was in need and now I am getting evicted from my home, A man who I thought was my friend actually was using drugs and I helped him to destroy my Life so that is the reason why I have been offline, My landlord was not sympathtic too my plight, I should have known better I should have known that he would take advvantage of my kindness of letting him store his stuff in the back yard and in my motorhome, as it is now I had to break into my own motorhome and had a nervous breakdown, This town doesn't care about honest people who wish to make a difference they would prefer too turn a deaf ear too my plight, Even though I have done many things to help this town. and Save lives but that is not good enough, If there is anyone in the world that could help me too get insurance and tags on my motorhome you can contact me at 3895 Marshall Avenue Eugene, Oregon 97402 A year ago this man was almost beat too death because of being an afro- american buthe got addicted too drugs, I did not realize he was using bad drugs he stole from me, after I gave him a place that he moved into without permission too stay in the back yard, I told him too get out and he refused too get out, Until my landlord just put an eviction notice in retailation and said he plans too sell the home that I have been in for 20 years. I am on disability ffrom working all my life,with major back problems Now I seem too be setting off on an adventure too be a snowbird after someone used my hospitality and compassion and it tears my heart out that it seems as if no one cares about their fellow man anymore,I was taken advantage of by a con artist even though I thought I was doing the right thing by taking in a guy who was brain injured by atttempted murder, I should have left him out in the cold but that was and will never be who I am. I wish
I had been not such a guible person to have everything taken from me. I still have faith that there is a reason for things that happen too us all God works in ways that makes us stronger. My friends I will be back soon with more happy news on my Blog for now I have to go pack, where ever I am going this town will never see me come back, for the lack of caring Thanks you who all read my Blog and we will keep on keeping on.. Lessons learned the hard way People change and Lie BUT the rest of the story? There are caring people out there,, I want to see and meet the nice ones whoes words are their bond, wish me luck and send money if you wish to help Thanks in advance,,,DEBBIE HOPE

ccRyderzz 1969 reinvested 2008: Daisychains are for your hair.. clovers are Luckey

ccRyderzz 1969 reinvested 2008: Daisychains are for your hair.. clovers are Luckey

its all o.k. ed ucation ciatation

PAN The horse on the Shawdow


Isalnds afar in my dreams and my rockin roll fantasy

national parks and photo script

Crystal Ship Zorro


Baby panda bear


ccryderzz 1969 reinvested 2008 virginia wolf wildlife protector

I am a person who believes the fragile ecosystems are being destroyed we need alternate energy.. Years ago people understood the using of the land.. the old wisdom from the groups that were here, the Incas the Aztec's the trading routes created for to help give people on earth the needed items, not for a bunch of people too make a bazillion dollars on.. the energy was here for the taking in an natural way, to co-exist with humankind to live to and to let other cultures live and thrive. No one believes that they are to grow up to be a slave to men only a small group of men. Why? what is the normal way? Not to be greedy there is enough to share.. with each other. Quit taking money from people who can't even afford to go to the dentist.. think back on the doctors who traded for eggs a chicken or a cow.. go back to the old days. Think read be happy and content. with living within your own means. ZZ

The blue birds are real

I sat on a river bank only to watch a bluebird take flight and chase the white bird and the eagle down to the rivers edge.
as I saw with my eyes the miracle of Gods grace on humankind. quote by ccryderzz

How many homeless are in Eugene Oregon


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